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The Seven Principles Of Our Credit Union

The Seven Principles of Our Credit Union

As a credit union, we operate differently than most big banks and brand-name institutions. We follow values that place our team, community and members at the forefront of our work.

These seven principles outline our mission and commitment to everyone connected with Louisiana USA Federal Credit Union.

1. Member-Owned
Louisiana USA is owned by members instead of stockholders and big corporations that operate without your best interest in mind.

2. Not-For-Profit
Instead of focusing on profits, we return the money we make to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, reduced fees and more.

3. Cooperative
Our credit union works with other unions across the country to ensure our members are always receiving convenient service.

4. Community Commitment
Based in Louisiana for over 80 years, we are constantly focused on ways to help our community and state.

5. Educational & Informative
We work with our members and community groups to help them understand the path to a healthy financial life.

6. Independent
As an autonomous organization, we have the freedom to control our own affairs without the fear of outside pressures.

7. Democratic Control
Each member owns a part of Louisiana USA with an equal opportunity to state opinions and guide decisions.

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