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Helping Your Children Take Smart Steps Toward Building A Solid Financial Future

Helping Your Children Take Smart Steps Toward Building a Solid Financial Future

By: Jed Desselle, Chief Operations Officer

Children learn through various courses and subjects in school, but financial literacy is often forgotten. The extremely important topic is left up to parents, but many don’t know where to start.

As a member of Louisiana USA Federal Credit Union, you are in an excellent position to educate your children about the benefits of a credit union and the advantages of establishing a healthy financial future. Credit unions funnel their profits back into themselves so they can offer members diverse deposit options, the lowest lending rates possible, and educational materials for each and every stage of your life. All of this translates into endless benefits for your children.

Did you know, due to the familial relation, your child is immediately eligible for these advantages? Start your children’s financial future off right by opening a youth savings account today.  As the child matures and begins to work, he or she can establish a personal checking account to really understand the importance of healthy credit. Let us be a resource for your children, so that they can learn healthy financial habits to carry them through their lives.

Louisiana USA wants to be the financial choice for our young members, but more importantly, we want to provide the tools they will need to navigate each stage of life.

Stop in and talk to us today about opening an account for your children.

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