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Be A Credit Union Saver And Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct!

Be A Credit Union Saver and Your Savings Will Never Go Extinct!

Louisiana USA invites your children on a Jurrasic journey to financial wellness! 

April is National Credit Union Youth Month! At Louisiana USA, we want to take this month to encourage our youngest members to start saving early by making saving fun and exciting! As more Americans seek financial guidance and counseling, guiding children to start developing saving habits early on is essential. This month, we’d like to focus on encouraging our youngest members to open their own savings account with a parent or guardian’s help! 

Parents and guardians – If you have been wondering how to empower youth to save for the future, this is a great opportunity to start your youth-saving initiatives. Together, we can encourage your little saver to begin a habit of putting money into a savings account regularly, and teach them how to compound interest to help their account grow. The nationwide Jurassic theme makes saving for the future fun as we help younger members appreciate the importance of putting money aside! 

Louisiana USA wants to help your kids to start saving! If you open a minor account during the month of April and we will put $25 in the account! Stop by our branch or contact our team to learn more!

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