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Avoiding COVID-19 Scams

Avoiding COVID-19 Scams

Unfortunately, we are hearing about an increasing number of scam attempts related to COVID-19 across the country. We’ve compiled some tips to help you stay safe.

  • Avoid Robocalls
    • If you do answer a robocall, don’t press any numbers and hang up immediately.  Scammers use robocalls to offer fake Coronavirus treatments and other remedies. 
  • Ignore Vaccination & Home Test Kit Offers 
    • Scammers are offering fake products that can not treat or prevent COVID-19. There are no FDA-authorized home test kits for the virus.
  • Check All Information
    • Scammers often dispel unverified information. Before you share any messages, verify the information with trusted sources. 
  • Verify Online Sellers
    • Online sellers claim to have in-demand products and supplies when they actually do not. 
  • Don’t Respond to Messages About Government Checks
    • The details about government assistance are still being worked on. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.
  • Avoid Unverified Links
    • By clicking on links from people and sites you don’t recognize, you could download viruses onto your device.
  • Verify Donations
    •  Check all charities and crowdfunding ventures before you donate. You should not donate through cash, gift card or money transfers. 

Learn more about the FTC’s efforts to stop COVID-19 scams.

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