About Us

Employees of Ethyl Corporation established the Ethyl Corporation Credit Union in the late 1930ís. Membership was extended to other employee groups in 1981 and by 1996 more than 350 Select Employee Groups (SEGs) joined. The credit union changed its name to Louisiana USA Federal Credit Union to reflect this newly found diversity.

After 75 years LA USA is financially sound, well capitalized and truly committed to providing a full range of financial products and services.

Member deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund up to $250,000. Accounts can be structured to allow an aggregate of $1,250,000 in deposits to be insured per member.

LA USAís operations, financial condition and internal controls are independently audited and governmentally examined annually. Findings in the reports are on file at the credit union for membersí scrutiny upon request.

A member elected Board of Directors serves voluntarily in two year terms. With a Board appointed Supervisory Committee, they provide oversight to management and staff. They meet monthly to review a wide range of financial transactions and results, as well as, annually to strategically plan future programs, financial budgets and proposed capital expenditures.

As a non-profit corporation that is well capitalized, LA USA strives to absorb product and service costs for its members and give most competitive rates for both loans and deposits.

LA USA is family focused on helping fellow family members; this is why it was established in 1936 and why it remains intact for its members today.


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